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Can I erect my own steel/aluminium mobile scaffolding or do I need a ticket/certification?

You can erect your own scaffold, as long as it is less than 4m. Above this height Workcover/Worksafe regulation dictate that all aspects; assembly, erection, dismantling, or adjustment must be undertaken by a scaffolder with relevant qualifications and tickets.  ABC Scaffolds can hire complete scaffolding systems or take care of all aspects of system installation and management in order to suit your exact needs.

How high should my scaffold be?

For domestic and smaller commercial applications we suggest leaving at least 1.8 metres free to allow access for one standard height person. This allows the space for you to complete the required works, such as painting and maintenance. We always suggest calculating space for the mandatory one metre high safety railing and consideration that frames usually come to 5m allowing space for most standard works.  ABC Scaffolds can tailor the systems to meet the exact needs of your organisation or project.

What is the most appropriate material for outdoor use – steel or aluminium?

ABC Scaffolds suggests the use of steel scaffolds for most application. This product has been tested and designed to meet all external use requirements.  Whether facing extreme cold or erecting scaffold in the outback, steel can effectively comply with safety requirements and stand up to the harsh impact of Australian weather conditions, no matter what the length of your project is.

What is the best type and size of scaffold for my 2 storey house?

ABC Scaffolds recommends the use of a 1.2m x 2.4m x 4.0m steel scaffolding. This has the best application suited to this requirement that is tall enough to reach the gutter line of a standard 2 storey home.

Our complete scaffolding systems can be adjusted and adapted to any application. Whether we are completing works on the Opera House, or your castle we can successfully meet your needs.

Is an internal ladder necessary?

Yes.  WorkCover / WorkSafe require that an internal ladder is always required with any scaffold system or product. ABC Scaffolds can provide the right advice and safest option in meeting the following mandatory requirements:

  • Securing ladder brace at the bottom

  • Using the correct angle

  • Ensuring it is free from the ground to allow movement

  • Securely attaching the ladder to the top of the structure

Remember, safety is our primary focus in all sale, hire and management of scaffolding systems and we will make sure your system is installed and used to the required regulations. CONTACT US NOW!