Our Story


Providing Residential, Commercial and Industrial Scaffolding since 1999!

ABC Scaffolds is in the Construction Industry and have been since 1999. We hire, deliver, erect, maintain and dismantle scaffolding equipment for the Domestic and Commercial Construction Industries.

For us, quality and service on site is about commitment to safety, effective organisation, being well planned and having great equipment.

We always deliver and remove on time, remain adaptable and work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our on-site service is reliable and dependable, backed by our thorough knowledge, ethical conduct and proactive communication.

Our ABC Scaffolds team are positive, friendly and easy to work with. Each of us is motivated, accessible and always well presented giving our customers confidence and assurance of a job well done.

And of course, we know at day’s end, what matters most to you is that we are a quality assured company, with a strong reputation and deliver great commercial value. Every Time.


 No matter how large or how small the job , ABC Scaffolds can provide you with the perfect scaffolding solution. We can offer complete scaffold project management and can work in and around any residential, commercial or industrial situation. We live and breathe by our safety standards and act on our safety policies and procedures daily. It’s why we have a reputation in Sydney, Wollongong and beyond for being one of the safest and most competent scaffolding teams available. Our scaffolding team is fully qualified with full licences and accreditation. You’ll get expert scaffolding solutions at a competitive price. 

We have an ongoing relationship and major partnerships with:

Residential Scaffolding…

  • Champion Homes

  • Hotondo Homes

  • Rawson Homes

  • Gremmo Homes

  • Icon Homes

Commercial Scaffolding…

  • John Holland

  • Lend Lease

  • Taylor Constructions

  • Pimas Gale

Industrial Scaffolding

  • OI Australia

  • GRD Waste Management Services

  • Boral Quarries

  • JK Williams Civil Contractors

Are you looking to hire or install scaffolding? Do you need a professional, safe scaffolding company to completely look after a project so you don’t have to worry about a thing? Get in touch!